Silent Twins Media is a full service production services company providing studio, field, and multi-camera production services. We are equipped for ENG shoots and field interviews. 

Production Services & Capabilities: 


Concept Ideation + Script Consultation 

Script Development + Storyboarding 

Project Research 

Production Planning and Staffing 

Location Scouting 


Budgeting + Administration 



Knowledgeable of Sony F-5 & FS7 Camera Systems 

4K Capable 

Team & Script Supervision 


Post- Production 

Editing (Avid proficient) 

Sound Editing & Mixing 

Visual Effects 


Covid Testing/Covid Compliance 

Silent Twins Media is a Covid Compliance Certified company, and can be available to work on set to provide PCR and Rapid testing for productions and events. We have Covid Compliance Officers (CCO) available in New York, Georgia, DC, Maryland, and California. 

Script Coverage 

Silent Twins Media offers script coverage for television and film scripts. Our script coverage will provide an overall synopsis, review and suggestions for character, story, plot, structure, 

dialogue, and marketability. Additionally, we will provide commentary on ways to improve the idea and/or make the concept stronger. Script Coverage is typically delivered within 72 hours. 

Script Decks 

As part of our services we create visually striking script decks for any original television and film idea. After a consultation to discuss your needs, we will create a deck that includes an overview of the concept, main characters, producing team, episode synopsis, financing, and a personal statement. Decks are tailored to your needs. 

Writing Services 

We offer writing services for screenplays and teleplays. This includes original scripts, rewrites, and script polishes. 

Please check our rates page for all services.